04Apr 2017

Why install paving or a patio? As we approach the summer in Ireland we start to think of getting out of our homes more. The number one location for us to go to is the back garden! Landscapers and garden designers have become the go-to people to make this space as relaxing and enjoyable as […]

13Mar 2017
Synthetic grass Dublin, Apco Garden Design

Why is Landscaping Important? The process of landscaping refers to the skillful arrangement of outdoor features for either practical or artistic reasons or sometimes both! The person(s) responsible for this are called landscape gardeners or garden designers. The process involves planning out how the area will look once the project is complete. At the centre […]

09Jan 2017

We are thinking you may have looked out your back window on more than one occasion and thought to yourself ‘should I upgrade my old shed?’. Well, you can rest assure, you are not alone. All of our clients who go for a new shed from Apco Garden Design¬†do so after thinking the exact same! […]

13Feb 2015

This is a spring favourite a truly beautiful looking spring plant that is easy to look after and full of bright colour. If you are taking on a little garden landscaping in Spring this plant should be top of your list. Commonly known as the snow crocus because it is one of the earliest crocuses […]