We are thinking you may have looked out your back window on more than one occasion and thought to yourself ‘should I upgrade my old shed?’. Well, you can rest assure, you are not alone. All of our clients who go for a new shed from Apco Garden Design┬ádo so after thinking the exact same! Well, you are in safe hands when you let Apco Garden Design install your new shed. Whether you opt for a steel shed or timber shed, we have a vast selection to choose from and indeed can custom build it to meet your needs.

Take it from us, there is nothing that brightens up your garden than a pristine new shed. Wondering where to store that unused BBQ and garden tools lying about since the Autumnal clean up? Well one of Apco Garden Design’s new sheds is the answer to your storage problem!

We supply every type of garden shed including wooden garden sheds, steel garden sheds and concrete garden sheds. We can also offer very quick delivery times with our garden sheds delivered in Dublin in 5-7 working days. If you require electricity, foundation base or custom features we can look after this too. We are a one stop solution for all your shed requirements.

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