Why install paving or a patio?

As we approach the summer in Ireland we start to think of getting out of our homes more. The number one location for us to go to is the back garden! Landscapers and garden designers have become the go-to people to make this space as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. That is why garden paving and patios have become so popular.

It’s at this time of year that people start going to their local DIY store to pick up their essentials for the summer ahead. The staple items of course are the BBQ and the garden furniture. Each and every summer the residential areas in Dublin are filled with BBQ smoke in their back gardens.

It is because of this increasing popularity of people spending time in their back garden for recreation that has seen the surge in people laying down garden paving or a patio.Not only does paving or a patio make your garden/space low maintenance, it also makes it a welcoming area for hosting friends or family.

Many people have opted to transform their back garden completely and remove their lawn and install paving throughout. Indeed, some people have gone for very low maintenance by decreasing the size of their lawn and installing synthetic grass. The remaining area they have turned into a patio area.

Where can I get more information on paving/patios?

Apco Garden Design in Dublin can offer you suggestions from our many years of expertise and experience in laying paving and patios. We can offer different options from steps in your patio/paving to different designs of stone to installing garden features. The possibilities are practically endless.

For more information or to book in a free consultation contact Colm today at 01-6263496 or colm@apco.ie.