Why Get Fencing In Your Garden?

With the arrival of Summer this weekend in Ireland we start to think of getting out more. The number one place for us to go to is the back garden! One factor that we all value greatly when we are at home is our privacy. With privacy being important to us all, the use of fencing is a great way to minimise the view into your garden. Fencing in Dublin is not only an aesthetic feature in your garden but its practical use is also very important. These are some of many considerations when choosing what fencing is best for your garden.


What Type Of Fencing Should I Get?

There are many factors to consider when deciding on when you are looking for fencing in Dublin and what type to get fitted in your garden.

What function is needed? e.g. to restrict visibility into your garden, for aesthetic purposes, for foliage to grow against.

Budget. We provide fencing to suit most budgets.

Style. As you can see in our fencing pages, https://apcogardendesign.ie/fencing/ and http://colourtrendsheds.ie/fencing/ we have ample fencing to choose from so we will no doubt have a fence that you will like.

Free standing or wall bound. We supply both free standing fencing that use posts and also fencing that is placed against your garden wall.


What About My Old Fencing?

Apco Garden Design can clear all your old fencing before fitting your new fence. We can also provide full site clearance also if required. Not only can we clear your site before starting but we will also leave your site tidy after we finish fitting your fencing. Apco Garden Design provide a professional service from start to finish and we pride ourselves on our work and customer satisfaction.


Where Can I Get More Information On Fencing In Dublin?

Contact us today on 01-6263496 to book in a free consultation or you can look at our dedicated fencing pages at https://apcogardendesign.ie/fencing/ and http://colourtrendsheds.ie/fencing/ and choose which type of fencing you prefer.