Garden Design

What is Garden Design?

Garden design is the art and process of creating plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscapes. It is the foundation of any great landscape and involves a lot of garden design secrets, ideas, and inspiration, which come only from years of garden design experience.

Great garden design mixes stunning color, foliage, and plant combinations. It also includes tips for decor, landscaping, and curb appeal. Difficult outdoor conditions might occur and should be considered and worked around when choosing the proper plants and flowers. All this comes as a package in numerous garden design styles, including cottage, country, modern, English, French, Tuscan, Japanese and many more.

How to get the right garden design for my front yard and backyard?

You don’t need to study complicated software or read loads of books to create a beautiful garden. What you do need to do is find an experienced garden designer, who will in instant advise you on the most appropriate design ideas for your garden. APCO Garden Design will design and create beautiful and sustainable outdoor living spaces. We work with clients in Dublin and surrounding counties and many of our landscaping projects come from recommendations.

We Handle Every Aspect of Your Project

APCO Garden Design will cover all aspects of your garden landscaping project – from garden design to the implementation of your new landscape. We will guide you through the whole process in order to design, create & cultivate a harmonious setting that will reflect your personal style and lifestyle. We will use plants and other materials that are suitable for your specific site and its surroundings.

APCO Garden Design work with every type of budget and project, no matter if it is a brand new garden design or an existing outdoor space you wish to renovate or re-design to be more functional and sustainable.

More Than Just An Investment in Your Home

An outdoor living space is much more than just an investment in your home. It needs to make you feel good and wish to enjoy spending time in a special place to quiet a busy mind, connect with nature, and be with your family and kids.