Low Maintenance Garden Ideas in Dublin

We all would like the beautiful gardens like the ones we see on gardening programmes on TV or when we visit impressive stately home gardens on our days out, but very few people have the enthusiasm or indeed time to achieve this dream. Low maintenance garden design does not mean you have to have a fully paved garden with not much going on within it. With some careful consideration and by choosing the right Garden Designer in Dublin, you can have exactly what you want from your garden. Low maintenance could simply mean having a smaller simple lawn, with straight paved paths and low maintenance plants, such as evergreen shrubs that require no pruning.

Why Look For Low Maintenance Garden Ideas in Dublin?

  1. Lack of time to maintain the garden
  2. Lack of knowledge to properly look after different types of plants
  3. When disabled and unable to do all garden jobs
  4. Simply want to enjoy your garden with the least work possible
  5. A non gardener

What Are Your Options?

Firstly, we recommend at Apco Garden Design to make a list of what you would like to have in your garden. Would you like a low-maintenance lawn (or a lawn at all?), would you like some bedding plants planted, would you like a patio, would you like some fencing, would you like a garden shed for storage, would you like an area to have garden furniture? When you have this list made you can then contact your landscape gardener in Dublin. We will call out for a free non-obligation consultation and give you a very competitive quote. If your garden needs a total garden re-design Apco Garden Design are here to help?


Choose low maintenance plants

This is one of the most important parts of a low maintenance garden that if you choose wrong could leave you with annual and in some cases, monthly jobs you could do without. Our advice is to choose evergreen plants and take into consideration their eventual sizes. Another tip is to choose shrubs that don’t grow too big so will not require regular pruning. If you choose evergreen plants there will be very little fallen leaves to collect and very little cutting back to do, saving you essential time.

Create a low maintenance lawn

You can create a lawn that requires little maintenance and can still be a feature within your garden. By deciding to have your lawn made of artificial grass you will have a practically maintenance free lawn. Apco Synthetic Grass supplies very good quality artificial grass and although the original outlay can be more slightly more expensive it can give you a care free lawn for years and years to come.

How Can I Get Garden Design Ideas For My Garden?

Would you like a low maintenance artificial grass lawn laid to make your garden easier to manage but still be aesthetically pleasing? Or maybe you would like more privacy and to have fencing installed which would facilitate this? And also to the look of your garden. Indeed with the summer upon us we try to make use of our garden space as often as we can. This can be even more appealing when we have a patio installed to sit on and even to put our BBQ on.We would be delighted to offer you suggestions and garden design ideas for your garden. If you are looking for low maintenance garden ideas in Dublin, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge with garden design and our many  satisfied customers can attest to our professionalism and efficiency. Call us today on 01-6263496 or use our contact form.