Garden Makeover & Driveway

Dipti Mehta from Collinswood, Dublin 9


When was the work done?
The work was done in September, 2010.

What was involved?
A lot! I wanted the project done because I work very long hours and didn’t have the time needed to spend weeding and maintaining my garden. When I tried, it would take me forever. The garden was filled with quarry stones, weeds and an old patio. I just wanted something nice that I would also be able to use for entertaining. In addition, I also wanted a larger, new driveway installed.

The concrete in the front driveway had to be dug up and a new cobblelock driveway was installed which covers the whole front of the house. Before the new driveway was installed, I could hardly fit one car in, whereas I can now fit two. The back garden was completely redone. A cobblelock patio was put down, new turf and flower beds were added and everything was weeded. A new shed, fencing and side gate were also installed.

How did you choose Apco Garden Design?
I found out about Colm through the internet. After doing some research online, I had a few landscapers come out to discuss the job and give me some quotes. More so than the others, I really liked Colm and felt comfortable in choosing him to carry out the work. He’s friendly but very professional and did a good job in organising a quote for me.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Colm Henry?
I had a rough idea of what I wanted done, discussed it with Colm and he made some suggestions and recommendations. What I liked was that he didn’t push me one way or the other but left it up to me to decide what I wanted in the end.

Did Colm introduce new ideas?
Colm had lots of useful ideas. He was very helpful with his advice on the cobblelock that was used in the end for the back garden. Colm was able to show me that the cobblelock style I had originally chosen would clash with the style put down at the front of the house. The new style that Colm recommended blended in so nicely.

Another helpful bit of advice had to do with the shed I had in back. It was very large, run down and needed to be replaced. Colm showed me that a smaller, more appropriate sized shed that still suited the storage would take up less space and give me much more room in the garden. It worked out brilliantly.

One last thing that I would like to mention has to do with a dilapidated wall I had between my house and a neighbours. I had considered having it bricked up but Colm suggested timber fencing would be more appropriate and nicer looking. Colm was right and it looks absolutely fabulous!

What I liked about Colm was that I never, ever worried about being ripped off. There were times where Colm would actually recommend a less expensive option than what he could have charged me for.

How did the project run?
Everything was brilliant. Colm has a fantastic workforce of 3 guys who were always on time, trustworthy and did a great job. There was never a problem. Colm would pop in to meet with me while the work was being carried out to see if I was happy with what was being done or if I wanted anything changed. I was very impressed with that. I thought the whole project would take several weeks but Colm had everything completed, cleared out and tidied in four days.

Because I trusted Colm, when the garden work was finished I asked him if he could recommend someone to do some outside house painting for me. Colm organised someone for me and supervised that as well. I didn’t have to do a thing.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Apco Garden Design?
With Colm, you get much, much more than your money’s worth. They did a lot of little things I really appreciated. I have this tiny little car and it would have been difficult for me if I had to dispose of all of the rubbish in my shed on my own. They not only cleared out my shed, they disposed of the rubbish themselves.

Another situation had to do with the side wall between my house and the neighbour. There was a slight crack in the wall and even though it wasn’t their job to do, they plastered and painted it for me!

Lastly, one day I was asking them how a hanging basket outside might look and what would need to be done and before I knew it, they supplied a basket and mounted it for me.

What’s your favourite part now?
The back garden. I’m really taken with the design and the flower beds and fencing.

Would you recommend Apco to others?
Yes, definitely. In fact I’ve had neighbours passing by and stopping in to have a closer look at the work that was done and asking me if I minded telling them who did it. I always do. I would highly recommend Colm and his team.